Tales from the Inkwell – Episode #2

We speak with STEAM teacher Gabrielle Threet about the lasting impact of the pandemic and the future of classroom technology.

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Welcome
4:45 – How has your instruction changed because of technology?
6:46 – What is one piece of technology you think will help teaching in the future?
10:38 – How big of a role will or SHOULD technology play in years to come?
15:20 – Twenty years from now what will you tell people about being in education during the early 2020s and during COVID?

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Perfecting the Distance Learning Model Through Technology

We’re a year into this challenge, going into the second. Students, teachers, parents, principals, IT directors, and superintendents – we’ve all dug deep to make teaching work. To make learning possible. We’ve all spent several late and sleepless nights making sure that our kids learn with as little disruption as possible. We turned education on […]