Blended Learning

Teach your in-person and remote students at the same time!

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A more natural and engaging blended model...

Ink Labs listened to educators and crafted a better solution for synchronous and asynchronous instruction while teaching remote and in-person learners. Rather than managing technology, the TIGER Collaborative Media System simply allows teachers to do what comes naturally to them: TEACH! Their instruction and their resources are captured using a video conferencing camera, and broadcasted in real-time using any streaming service, OR save it for distribution at a later time. Remote students see the entire instructional experience rather than just a teacher’s computer screen, and teachers see the remote students clearly on a 55” 4K monitor instead of a small laptop screen.

What are the Essentials for our Blended Classroom?

Large 4K Display

Stop straining your eyes looking at your remote students on a small laptop screen, and instead see them clearly and easily on our 65" uTeach interactive flat panel OR our 55" non-interactive smart TV. The large display will make all the difference, increasing engagement and interactivity like never before.


Connect your computer wirelessly or via HDMI to the correct port on your display to mirror your image. Launch your streaming or video capture service and start teaching! Note* A quality internet connection will be necessary to guarantee uninterrupted sessions.

Mobile Stand

Position the stand off to the side so it doesn’t obstruct your in-person learners, lock the wheels and make sure that the camera shelf that extends to the top of the display, and the laptop shelf that’s below the display are secured. String all cords and cables through the stand to keep things nice and neat!

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

A must have! These tools will allow you to be untethered from your computer so you can continue teaching from where ever, while still being able to control your computer that’s on the front-facing TIGER stand shelf.


Place the 3x or 10x Zoom PTZ video conferencing camera anywhere in the room you’d like. Program up to 6 presets or pan, tilt, or zoom the camera to focus on any "teaching place" in the room. Instead of changing your instruction to meet the needs of a fixed camera, our system supports you and your natural teaching style.

Enhanced Audio

While technically not essential (the camera has a very good built-in microphone), you may want to consider purchasing our wireless USB lavalier microphone and headset to ensure that your remote students can hear you loudly and clearly.

We Can Show You How it Works!

If you’re interested in learning more about our products and getting a better idea of how to set up your blended learning environment, schedule a demo with us! We’ll take you through how the technology works and help you find the best setup to fulfill your needs!

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