You can’t protect
what you don’t know.

RealCISO walks you through a series of plain English questions to help pinpoint the gaps in your school’s cyber security. Based on your answers, the most important steps to secure these weak spots are recommended.

Schools use a lot of software, each of which can have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to expose your school to risk. Our partners at Blue Canyon help you understand the full context of each vulnerability, including the criticality of affected assets and an assessment of current and likely future attacker activity.

Penetration tests simulate a cyber attack to get to the heart of the problem. Using ethical hacking  methods against your system, we can find vulnerabilities that can be exploited, so your IT team or tech coordinators understand in fine detail where the risks lie.


It’s only a matter of when.

Our monitoring services are a combination of technology and experts reviewing and alerting you of potential threats. Our technology monitors all technical events taking place on your servers, laptops, tablets, and network. Anything that trips certain triggers gets escalated to our expert security analyst who then alert you of anything suspicious.

In the cyber world every laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, server is called an endpoint. With schools having gone through a one-to-one device plan for students, this greatly increases the risk of cyber attacks. With our Endpoint protection plan, we install software to monitor and protect all devices, while also building a policy to manage these devices.