For classroom learning, distance learning, or both at the same time.

What is eGlass?

eGlass is a new communication system that draws classroom and remote students in like never before. It combines a transparent light board, a built-in camera and software that captures the teacher’s face and writing in the same window. Are you ready to really engage with your students?

How eGlass Engages Your Students

Student Writing on eGlass

In class, you project a larger than life image of yourself and your words onto a screen.

Clear Picture - eGlass

Distance learners get a crystal clear picture of you and your writing.

Engaging Students with eGlass

In hybrid classrooms, every learner feels they’re the only student you’re looking at.

one touch lesson recording with eGlass

For Flip The Class learning, you can effortlessly pre-record your lesson with one button.

Easy Setup

Simply plug the USB cable into your computer. Then connect to your projector, board, or online learners via Zoom.

How eGlass Works

35" and 50" sizes available

eGlass Product Diagram