Interactive Panels. Engaging Environments.

The best technology is the one that’s ready when and where you need it. With mobile stands, a variety of sizes, and quick start-up, uTeach Interactive Panels free you to focus on what’s most important—teaching.

A Model for Every Role

uTeach interactive panels come in four standard variations – 65”, 75”, and 86”.
Each panel comes equipped with our intuitive software, backed by our 3×4 promise for service and support.

uTeach Interactive Panels Models - Ink Labs


LED Panel

Best fit for: 

  • PreK/Early Primary rooms
  • Smaller instructional rooms (12:1 or 6:1)
  • Mid-size learning centers/ resource rooms
  • Cooperative & collaborative learning spaces
  • Best on a mobile stand or height adjustable wall mount


LED Panel

Best fit for:

  • Intermediate and Elementary classrooms
  • Large instructional spaces with 24+ students
  • Cooperative & collaborative learning spaces
  • Best on a mobile stand


LED Panel

Best fit for:

  • Middle and High School classrooms
  • Large instructional spaces with 24+ students
  • Cooperative & collaborative learning spaces
  • Best wall mounted

Interactive Panels for your Classroom

Simple AND sophisticated, our best of breed uTeach IFPs meet teachers exactly where they want to be!  From multiple connection options, to full-features whiteboarding software, we allow your instruction to drive the technology rather than the other way around.  Ink Lab’s uTeach panels  give you the freedom and flexibility to do what you do best, Teach!  Take a look at our video for a quick overview!e

Getting Back to Basics

The options are endless, and sometimes overwhelming, when it comes to the technologies available for your institution.

Ink Labs was started with education at its core. The people behind uTeach have partnered to ensure the successful installation of technology in school districts across the US, and understand the needs of administrators, IT, and teachers.  The technology you invest in should enhance, not distract from learning.

When you bring uTeach Panels into your classrooms, we promise:

  • Straightforward and easy—from order to delivery to implementation
  • Responsible solutions—cost effective choice from reliable suppliers
  • User-friendly—for better classroom management
  • Innovative equipment and content—for improved engagement
  • Support—when and how you need it

4K Resolution Displays

The ultra clear 4K image shows the charm of feeling details that are clear and delicate.

20-Point Precision Touch

The high-precision touch supports 20-point control with single-point writing flexibility.

Versatile Connectivity

Wirelessly connect your panel to multiple devices to maximize interactive learning.

Upgradeable PC

Easy equipment upgrades make sure the focus stays on teaching, not the technology.

Fully Customizable Programs

Program customization allows users to develop the materials they need to increase engagement.

Integrated Software System

The built-in software capabilities ensure all panels stay updated and running optimally.

Standard 3-Year Warranty

Every uTeach panel comes with a standard warranty that puts the user experience first.

Expert Local Service & Support

We support all uTeach interactive panel service needs for the life of the product.

Learn about uTeach's complete feature set.

Experience uTeach for Yourself

Schedule your live demo to learn how uTeach integrates into classrooms and offices. We’ll take you through the display functionality and discuss the available options, helping you determine which one is best for you. 

The uTeach Promise

Technology only adds value when it works. uTeach is designed to be a better experience from selection to installation to daily use.

Our 3×4 uTeach promise means:

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