uTeach Quick Start Guide

Powered by interactive technology that fades into the background.

uTeach Interactive Panel Back

Turning the Display On

  1. Plug the power cable into the back of your panel
  2. Plug the cable into a power supply
  3. Press the power button on the display

Powering the Remote

  1. Insert AAA batteries
    • Remove the cover on the rear of the remote control. Insert two AAA equivalent batteries
uTeach Interactive Panel Remote - Ink Labs

Button Descriptions

Power On/Off

For energy-saving, press for two seconds to enter standby mode


Back to main interface


Return to the previous level menu


Call up function menu

VOL + –

Turn volume up or down

USB Interface

Three front USB ports can be used to connect USB devices

Side Ports

Display/Touch Inputs

For connecting External computers and AV Devices. When external computer is connected with a touch cable, Touch functionality can be achieved.

  • DP/Touch
    • Display port
    • Touch Screen interface
  • HDMI/Touch
    • HDMI Input
    • Touch screen interface
uTeach Interactive Panel - Display & Touch Ports
USB Ports
  • For connecting USB devices
    • Mice
    • Keyboards
    • Flash Drives
uTeach Interactive Panel - USB Ports
Line Out
  • For Connecting External Speaker
    • Headphones
    • Computer speakers


  • For connecting external Displays
    • Projectors
    • Monitors
  • For External Stereo connection with proper Cable
uTeach Interactive Panel - Out & SPDIF Ports
OPS Slot
  • For optional windows 10 computer
    • Allows panel to act as fully functional Win 10 PC
uTeach Interactive Panel - OPS Slot

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