Interactive Technologies

Interactive Panels

for Education and Business:

Ink Labs’ Interactive Flat Panels offer a variety of hardware options to fit your workflow and physical space.

Our products are cost-effective and come with US-based implementation, post-sales support, lowest industry defect rate, and a no-hassle warranty of up to 5 years. All crafted to help you drive better learning and collaboration.

TIGER Collaborative Media System (CMS)

Technology InteGrated Education Resource

Make your blended learning sessions MUCH more engaging with Ink Labs’ brand new Collaborative Media System

Seamlessly connect your remote students right into the classroom. It will be like they’re in the classroom with you!

TIGER Stand Angle with image

Sidekick Wireless Slate

Free yourself from the front of the room

Ink Labs’ Sidekick Wireless Slate “untethers” you from the front of the room, and allows you to control your computer, your Smartboard, or your interactive flat panel from anywhere in the room.

Remote Learning AV kit

Free yourself from the front of the room

The remote learning AV kit brings quality and ease of use to your distance or hybrid classes. The camera, speaker and microphone all connect to a PC through a single USB connection, and provides high fidelity audio capture via sattelite microphones that teachers can place in different parts of the classroom.  The PTZ camera frees the teacher from their desks, allowing them to teach using the whole classroom…as they normally would.