Interactive Technologies

Interactive Panels

for Education and Business:

Revolutionize your classroom into a dynamic hub for collaborative learning using Clear Touch’s award-winning software suite. Empower engagement with tools for collaboration, annotation, presentation, and gamification. Enhance inclusivity with the Adjustable Mobile Stand for equitable accessibility to all users.

Seamlessly integrate this innovative panel into your existing setup with its sleek design, Google applications, Play Store access, robust Android 13 operating system, and diverse connectivity options.

Video Wall

Communicate your message in vivid color and wow your audience. Our all-new video wall features a high resolution LED display and adjustable brightness and contrast. Why whisper when you can say it out loud?

Non-Interactive Displays

A versatile digital display that can be customized to meet your needs. Switch between landscape and portrait modes with ease, and display any type of content with clarity and impact. No matter how you look at it, the Nio digital display delivers stunning visuals.

Digital Signage

Meet your new digital marketing partner. They never call out sick, never take a day off, and works 24/7 to drive results. Standing approximately 43 inches high and 16.02 inches wide, our displays are sure to capture your audience’s attention and communicate your message—even in a crowded space.

PTZ Camera

Be seen with clarity. Featuring a 4K camera with 60° field of view and 340° rotation. Extends your business and educational capabilities with the 20x optical zoom and wide angle lens.

Sidekick Wireless Slate

Free yourself from the front of the room

Ink Labs’ Sidekick Wireless Slate “untethers” you from the front of the room, and allows you to control your computer, your Smartboard, or your interactive flat panel from anywhere in the room.