Podcast with Buffalo PS #197 MST Preparatory School

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Join us in our first ever podcast.  We speak with Buffalo Public School #197 Math, Science, and Technology Preparatory School’s Principal Dr. Kevin EberleTeacher Tammy Furman-SchwabTeacher Rachel Carlson.  Listen to a one-year pandemic retrospective, learn what challenges they faced, how they overcame, and how technology played into their efforts to keep students engaged and interested, even though they weren’t physically at school.

Chapter links are below:

0:00 Start 
0:23 Introductions
2:30 Actions and reactions to first shutdowns last year
12:00 What worked during this time?
15:00 What were the challenges?
20:25 How did instruction change in virtual environment?
24:32 Does education go back to “normal”?
29:45 Educator during pandemic – retrospective